Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Sam Sparro Remix)

I was a Tammany Hall last night checking out The Knocks and Penguin Prison, two bands that continue to make indie label Neon Gold a force to reckon with in 2011. I didn’t stay for The Knocks but I saw Penguin Prison and heard them perform a bunch of new material that got the party going. They have a song called Don’t Fuck With My Money that’s destined to be my favorite song when they finally have a studio version. That was my first time catching them live and I was very impressed with the energy and excitement those guys brought to the table, I highly recommend keeping an eye out when they come to your city.

However, the real story last night was a lesser known but very promising band called Like Diamonds. The group opened up the show with one of the most diverse and interesting sets I’ve heard in a long time. Someone looked over at me and asked what genre they played, I looked back and said I had no idea. The only word I can use to describe these guys is limitless, their sense of arrangement is fearless as they effortlessly switch from on style to the other from song to song. It’s much better heard then said and we should have some exclusives for you guys soon so stay tuned. Alright, time to run but I’ll leave you guys with Sam Sparro’s excellent remix of Penguin Prisons latest release Golden Train, enjoy.

Penguin Prison – Golden Train (Sam Sparro Remix)


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