High Highs – Flowers Bloom

I finally got a chance to sit down and review the inbox myself and the first song I came across completely won me over. Modern technology allows for the cleanest, most crystal clear musical recordings we’ve ever had and weather or not that’s a good things is a topic highly debated amongst enthusiast. I for one prefer a little dirt, soul and saturation and listening to High Highs Flowers Bloom leads me to think this band shares my sentiments.

The song starts with what could be a synth or sample masked in a thick coat of vinyl crackle noise and I can’t get enough of it. Part of the appeal of the Golden era of hip hop was the unwritten rule that you had to sample from vinyl records. Young producers would go into their parents collections and chop of old dusty records to get that sound everyone love so much. I’m not sure if the New york duo here follows the same blueprint I like they sound they got on this record and couldn’t help but feel nostalgia for the days before everything sounded and looked better than it does in real life. I’ve been zoning to this track for too long now so let me wrap this up and get back to work, enjoy.

High Highs – Flowers Bloom


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