U.S. Royalty – Equestrian (Flosstradamus Remix)

Someone pointed out that my post have had a bit of a tropical yearning as of late and I would say that’s a more than accurate observation. We’re starting to get some sunlight again but the last two weeks in the city have been dark, rainy, snowy and flat out ugly. I think living vicariously through music is a more like a necessary defense at this point.

We danced and drank to pass the time…”

This type of weather calls for extreme musical diversions and thankfully people like Flosstradamus are releasing these tropically infused melodies right in the nick of time. The original version of Equestrian is an indie folk jam and quite good in it’s own right but this version is a summer night dream. There’s a lot of good music happening at the moment but this may be my favorite of them all, enjoy.

U.S. Royalty – Equestrian (Flosstradamus Remix)


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