Alex Winston – Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)

Jaybird goes fantasy on this downtempo super chilled out remix of Alex Winstons Locomotive and I love it…

You locomotive – keep going, keep going no focus. slow down.”

I think we can all young and ambitious can learn a lesson from this song. We all want to accomplish so much in our lives which is great if you have a clear direction and plan. What usually happens though is that we overextend ourselves by trying many things hoping one sticks. You never want to stick all your eggs in one basket right? Like most things I think this mentality finds its roots in fear which I’m not sure about that saying anymore because to win big you have to bet big.

I’m callin guts everytime, drag my nuts everytime homie… – Jay-Z (Guess Whose Back)

Fear has no place in life. No matter what you do you must have confidence in your ability to perform and execute. That confidence will slow things down and you won’t have a need to always be on the go to feel like things are in motion. So to all my fellow entrepreneurs, sit back and play this song. Take a minute to breath and think about how powerful your drive and ambition is, then think about how much more powerful that will be if you hone it in and focus your energies, enjoy.

Alex Winston – Locomotive (Jaybird Remix)


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