Little Comets – Joanna (AMTRAC Remix)

First and foremost, wanted to give a Casey Kasem-like dedication, to a good friend of mine, Joanna (fittingly) a fellow music junkie, who was just released after an enduring stint in the hospital. We all know music can act as an elixir to any problems one might face in life as I hope this track is a testament to her speedy recovery.

From the UK’s Little Comets, Joanna is a solid original track but when AMTRAC put his touch on the song, he soared it to new heights. This remix feels seasonal and should remind everyone that spring and summer are right around the corner, especially for those are currently putting up with this relentless winter weather. The track has a celebratory feel to it which makes you just want to kick back and simply enjoy what life has to offer.

AMTRAC, from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, has released plenty of remixes which are equally as good, so dig deeper on his songs if you enjoyed this track. Hope the remix puts a smile on your face and gets your groovin on a good note.

Little Comets – Joanna (AMTRAC Remix)


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