NewVillager – Lighthouse

Keep it up don’t stop, don’t loose your place...

Those lyrics instantly became my new mantra simply because so much in life depends on our ability to keep up a certain momentum. Take New Years resolutions for example, we all get fired up with the prospect of a fresh start and bask in our fantastic goals and expectations. Then January comes and things look good but by the time February settles in that energy and enthusiasm is long gone. Some people learn to break out of the cycle, but most keep doing the same thing year after year and before you know it time’s passed. I think it just comes down to keep those initial feelings close to home which is why I’m adding this song to my morning playlist – we all needs a reminder every so often, why not have it in the form of a song.

The last time we posted about NewVillager was back in ’09 when they released Rich Doors, one of my favorite songs that year. Recently the Brooklyn crew released a new single called Lighthouse and it’s got everything a music lover could ask for. The production somehow manages to be chilled out but totally energetic and inspring at the same time. The lyrics are all about losing the baggage and staying on course. Speaking of which, the weather is beautiful in NYC and I’m going to hit the ground running, enjoy.

NewVillager – Lighthouse


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