M83 – Fall (From TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED)

I just watched Tron for the first time and thankfully it was on a big screen with a big boy sound system because the Daft Punk curated soundtrack absolutely blew my mind. It was meant to be listened to in surround, loud and with some serious bass so if you haven’t seen it yet make sure you watch it/hear it that way. Funny thing is most people I talk to didn’t like Tron but if you couldn’t tell I’m big on Sci-Fi and the Space Age, couple that was state of the art sound and I’m sold.

It was for this very reason that I got so hyped when I heard about the upcoming upcoming soundtrack remix album featuring work by heavy hitters like Moby, Paul Oakenfold and The Crystal Method. I quickly hit up all my resources to get my hands on some tracks and found the M83 vs Big Black Delta remix of Fall which is nothing short of amazing. The track is all feeling and passion, if you’re in need of motivation and inspiration close your eyes and turn this up.

The last few weeks have been crazy for reasons I’m not even ready to share yet. One thing I’ve always known but tend to forget is just how mental problems can be. It’s so easy to get caught up in thoughts, thinking the worse and dramatizing what is probably a a manageable problem. Dwelling in your issues does nothing but magnify them and attract that energy. Thoughts are things and if you’re not careful your mind can work against you. However, if you’re passionate and disciplined enough to take control of your mind then sky the limit…

Anything left out you can blame it on the brain not the heart, I’m playing my part…” – Memphis Bleek

Anyways, this remix has me thinking champion thoughts and it just became my new anthem. I can’t wait to till this lame snow goes away and I can play this on a run or something, enjoy.

M83 – Fall


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