Justice – Civilization

After releasing their new single as part of the Adidas All In campaign there’s been a huge buzz around the return of the French electro house kings. It seems like the entire world stops whenever Justice releases something new and I love it. In the days before the internet, new album and single releases were the talk of the town. You would be walking down the street and all of a sudden a car drives by playing a new track, you call your friend and ask him if he’s heard it but he hasn’t. Then you would both sit in front of the radio until it got played. These days you hear about a new track, type it in on google and 10 seconds later your in your room listening to it from laptop speakers.I love the ease the internet provides but we’re definitely missing that element of drama and mystery that use to surround releases not so long ago.

Justice has always been heavily influenced by old school Rock & Roll and Civilization is no different. The track starts of like a late 60’s psychedelic rock epic and switches off into that simple and classic Justice sound we’ve all come to love. A lot of Justice fans will probably say this is a little soft compared to their old stuff but I would remind them that it was released as part of an ad campaign so I wouldn’t expect much more like this from the album. Nevertheless, a well produced and exciting banger, enjoy.

Justice – Civilization


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