MNDR – I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix)

This is my anthem…

I’m hyped about this track, not only because the lyrics pretty much explain my philosophy on life, but also because I’ve been vibing with the The Oos & Ahhs to bring you this exclusive remix. Ya know, giving you that new new is what we’re all about.

MNDR’s I Go Away is a song about thinking, acting, speaking, creating and living freely. In life one is bound to encounter know-it-all’s who are deeply in love with their ideals and convictions and will stop at anything to impose them on you. We’re also exposed to endless customs, traditions and conventions that try to define our behavior and approach to living. It’s easy to follow such blueprints because little thought is required.

Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” – 1984

Though there’s a romantic simplicity to living by convention, the world is in constant change and keeping a flexible and open mind is pretty much the only way to not be left behind. Creativity doesn’t extend to just art and we have the power to imagine and cultivate any life we wish to lead. The world is filled with many examples of successful rebels who do so.

The original version of I Go Away nailed this point beautifully, but left you craving more energy due to it’s slower pace and atmospheric production. That’s exactly what this remix is about – a passionate and energetic interpretation that gives serious life to the message of independence…

Stay true, see it through they say.
Tick tock, time just slips away.
And when the air is clear
The way I go is the way I feel…”

Many times we question our intuition because it is not in accordance with what others want or what is generally accepted. Bottom line, you can never be afraid to be yourself or try something new. Living by someone else’s standards can create a serious dependency and can lead you on a path that takes you further and further away from yourself – Stay true…

I know some people are on auto-hate when they see the word Dubstep in a song title, but like all things it can be crackalicious when used tastefully. I’ll be rockin’ with The Oos & Ahhs so expect more heat in the near future, enjoy.

MNDR – I Go Away

MNDR – I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix)


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