Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second

I love that quote and I think that’s something we should ask ourselves ALL the time.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are lots of good things about repetition and routine. For example, you can’t get good at something without constant practice. Some of the best songs have repetitive themes and addictive bass lines that we can never get enough of. At the same time a song can get overplayed and become stale and if you don’t push yourself during practice you may get bored or not improve as much as you should. In that case –

The repetition kills you… – The Black Ghost

Funny how the same thing that can make you good can work against you. It’s not just work either, the same thing goes for romance and if both parties aren’t constantly active, doing new things and experimenting you can rest assured someone is going to get bored. It’s so easy to get comfortable with something that’s good but the danger with that is that you may never realize that it could be better. I’m not sure why this song made me think of this but it feels good and makes me want to do something new, you should do the same. Enjoy.

Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second

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