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Niki & the Dove – Gentle Roar (Mylo Remix)

First of all, this track is a banger and Mylo absolutely smashed the remix. The song is a bold 7 and half minutes long yet so well produced and executed you never even notice. Malin Dahlström has an incredible voice and her performance on almost everything I’ve heard is lights out.

Signed to Seattle’s Sub Pop label, Niki & the Dove a Swedish pop duo that you’ll be hearing a lot of in the months to come. I was reading an interview about their their approach to making music and boy do these guys have and understanding of their craft…

I hope that every producer of pop music has the aim of creating the perfect pop song. We try to do it, as there is so much power in the perfect pop song. It is a power than can go to your heart not via your brain. It goes to your heart without any logic at all. That is a power for which I have a very huge respect.

The perfect pop song is like the golden ratio in mathematics, where everything is corresponding with each other. I think it is about mathematics and physics and all these perfect combinations and equations is what you are striving for. That’s the struggle.”

If you haven’t noticed by now I’m a huge Quincy Jones fan and reading the band talk about music reminds me of something Quincy said when asked about his approach.

What’s your approach to life?

I’m always prepared and I mix science with the soul. You do whatever it takes to get that balance. You have to turn all of your drunken dreams into sober realizations.” – Quincy Jones

You have to turn all of your drunken dreams into sober realizations – that’s worth repeating. Our minds are so creative and if we’re not careful we can spend so much time drifting off into space, creating these elaborate schemes, justifying our thoughts while never actually bringing them to life. It takes a conscious effort to do that so take Q’s advice and do whatever it takes to find that balance. I’m going to contact my designer and bring some EMPT ideas to life, you can start off by listening to this amazing song while executing your plans. Perfect jam for your weekend pre-grams, enjoy.

Niki & the Dove – Gentle Roar (Mylo Remix)

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