Jupiter – Saké

Kitsuné is something like the soundtrack to Parisian highlife. Their compilations are the most surefire way to hip yourself on the future of Parisian music. Their artists not only make the music played in the happening spots but they’re also the DJ’s that play it – talk about owning the scene. I remember someone once telling me that in every society theres only a small amount of people responsible for creating the taste that dominates the era and in the case of these Frenchies that couldn’t hold truer.

Their latest compilation, Parisien, was put together by label head Gildas Loaëc and André’ Saraiva, two guys who know a thing or two about new music. The mix is fantastic, all the music is fresh sounding, entertaining and destined for beach parties, rooftops, pool side lounging, pre-games and any other summer trouble you can think of.

All of the songs are worthy of repeats but my favorite is Jupiter’s Sak, an instant banger guaranteed to get you feeling good, moving and ready to go. The song is about taking a break to relax and drink Saké. That’s probably not hard to do for the EMPT crowd but you’d be surprised how easy it is for people to get caught up working and forget the world exists.

Mastering your craft is important so work hard but don’t forget the world out there. Those trees, that air, those beaches, your friends, you can’t recreate any of that shit on Facebook, on a text, The Sims or whatever digital vice you have. I don’t care if you crunch numbers, make music or write emails all day, take a break every now and then, go for a walk, look around and be humbled by the marvel that’s the world around us. There’s so much inspiration out there and it will translate to your work – that’s where it’s at, enjoy.

Take, take sometime out…

Jupiter – Sake

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