Cris Cab – All of the Lights (Cover)

Cris Cabs cover of this song is the best one of heard thus far and I hate to say for all the Kanye fans but I like it better than the original. The production manages to blend elements of ska and modern hip hop to perfection and there’s enough bass to make the pavement crank so turn it up!

All of the Lights is my favorite song from My Dark Twisted Fantasy. I grew up a performer so that song symbolizes something that my conductor, the late great Dr. Walter Turnbull instilled in all of us at a very early age – embrace the pressure, the expectations, the music, the spotlight and give the audience your all, then give them more. I remember being 13 years old and spending hours on end in rehearsals, Doc would have us practicing day and night till every single detail, note, dance move was mastered to perfection. When it was showtime you better believe we were beyond ready and we wanted everyone to feel it…

Turn up the lights in here baby, extra bright I want ya’ll to see this…”

I’m a long ways from traveling with the choir but that’s the same philosophy I apply to EMPT and pretty much anything I do in life. Doc showed us that you can get by giving people what they expect or you can put your heart into it, go the extra mile, be creative and give them something they’ll never forget.

Want you to see everything, want you to see all of the lights…”

Anyways, I’m yapping about all of this because I got an email last week from one of our San Francisco readers that shows you can bring that creative energy to all aspects of life. Ethan R. has been a long time reader of EMPT and he sent me a wonderful email showing love and letting me know about his upcoming high school prom. He said his girlfriend Sarah is an even bigger EMPT fan so he went out of his way to see if we could help him get her to prom in style. Everything we do is for our fans so that email meant the world to me and there was no way I was going to say no to such a romantic and creative request. That said, I dedicate this post to the California love and am happy to put it up for all to see – Spotlights, Street lights, Flash lights, Strobe lights…

So how about it Sara, you going to let our boy Ethan take you to prom?

Cris Cab – All of the Lights (Remix Cris Cab Cover)

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