Museum Of Bellas Artes – Days Ahead

LA was nothing short of a dream, great times, food, weather and good people but it sure is nice to be back in the big apple. As many of you know EMPT has been a relatively small operation and though we’ve been able to do some great things a big issue has been where to go from here. For some people it’s as simple as finding investors and reworking things to run as a business. For me it’s a lot harder because my loyalty is to the music and doing anything that would compromise our vibe is just out of the question. At the same time, my dream is to take music entertainment to a whole new level so I have to surround myself with a team looking to do that same. You can’t win a championship without having all the right teammates so I went to LA with that in mind and I’m excited to come back to NYC with what I think is a monumental partnership for the future of EMPT.

The new single by Museum of Bella Artes couldn’t be more appropriate for the occasion. We’ve made some great memories so far and I thank each and everyone of you for coming to our dance parties, checking out the site everyday and sending us so much love. The past has been beautiful but right now it’s all about the Days Ahead baby!

So here’s a toast to all we’ve done and everyone that’s helped us get to this point. Our commitment is to you and we’ll keep doing our best to give you an unrivaled experience by putting quality above it all. You’ll be hearing more and more about my new friends as things develop so expect some cool things in the not too distant future, enjoy.

Museum Of Bellas Artes – Days Ahead

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