Vico Uno – Heaven is a Bitch (Nas vs. Led Zepplin vs. Gramatik)

Excuse the delayed post today, I landed in San Fran this afternoon and have been restaurant hoping since. Anyways, I was walking back to my hotel when I checked my Soundcloud and I saw a submission that contained the names Nas, Led Zepplin & Gramtik – sold! The mashup was done by a dude named Vico Uno who describes himself like this –

My name is V!co Ono and i’m 18 years young. All you need to know is I am a Los Angeles native and I am very interested in all genres of music.”


I can’t hype this mashup enough. First of all, he used the AZ verse from Life’s A Bitch which is hands down one of the best Hip Hop verses of all time. He sampled Stairway to Heaven, one of the greatest rock songs of all time and used a Gramatik beat to tie it all together. Blending all those worlds so tastefully is the beauty of modern production so big ups to Vico Uno for making it happen. Alright, it’s Friday and I’ve got two more places to check out in the bay before I head to Vegas in the morning. Bump this at your pre-games and get the party started in style, enjoy.

Vico Uno – Heaven is a Bitch (Nas vs. Led Zepplin vs. Gramatik)

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