Noctambule 6.23.11 *UPDATE – Starts @ 10:30 PM*

Alright homies, we’re one day away from Noctambule and I can’t sit still. Before I forget, the party is starting at 10:30 PM instead of 11 so come earlier for some extre good music, beautiful people and free booze. I spoke to one of the dudes at Sleep No More I’ll tell you man these guys are the real deal. We’ve dealt with so many people putting on these events and this was the first time I spoke to someone in management who was actually committed to providing an amazing experience for their visitors. Come to the party tomorrow to get a taste of the space but make sure you see the actual show, I’m telling you it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in NYC. There’s so much cool shit going on, I’ve never been busier and the fast life is in full effect…

Man I’m high off life, f&$k it I’m wasted… – Jay-Z (Allure)

Right now my only concern is keeping pace, making the most out of every moment and appreciating all the amazing things nature provides. A little Mary Jane never hurt anyone, but don’t take for granted all the incredible things out there that get you going the all natural way, enjoy.

I’m gettin’ high…”

Cassian – Getting High

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