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Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)

What’s up EMPT nation, I’m gonna slow it down a tad with this post and embrace this Thursday with a track which resonates the aura of it’s sexy time. This remix by German native Tensnake, teleports me back to the 90’s with it’s slow R&B feel, which I heavily familiarized myself with while growing up.  The remix has been getting a lot of play out in LA already and seems perfectly suited for a summertime evening. The original track is just as worthy but has more of a up-tempo electronic-rock feel which you should definitely check out as well.

Little Dragon hails from Sweden, which doesn’t surprise me at all at this point, as it seems every great band or DJ has been exported from the Nordic country recently. The lead singer of the band, Yukimi Nagano, has an undeniable allure with her vocals as she grabbed me instantaneously the first time I heard Ritual Union. Little Dragon is legit and we should all be heavily anticipating their third album which drops later this month, so go out and support quality music when they tour in your stomping grounds this fall. Enjoy.

Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Tensnake Remix)

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

– Joel

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