The Weeknd – Remixes

2011 has been a good year for The Weeknd: an EP that boomed on the internet, teaming up with a good production team, a large fanbase in a matter of months, and now one of his tracks is headlining the new season of Entourage. When I found out about his House of Balloons EP  in the Spring I was all over those tracks. Some call it ‘hipster R&B’, some call it ‘Swag’, either way i’ve found many people who agree: The Weeknd is great for baby-making or just having a fun (and dirty) night. With Summertime, I’ve been scouring the remixes that started popping up everywhere. Some are kind of uninteresting, adding little to what House Of Balloons already had. But I did find two that just nailed it for me.

The first is a Downpour remix of “High for This”. Yes, being ‘high for this’ won’t hinder your enjoyment of this song. DJ Downpour, from Portland Or., mixes this one and manages to keep faithful to the melody of this song while still throwing in some dubstep during the chorus. The track starts slowly, cranks up, slows down again, and then cranks up again…Kinda like sex. (Did I just say that?).

The second track is a Circle Edit of “Glass Table Girls”

This one is more appropriate for socializing I think, or getting ready to hit the streets. I always think of this track as two separate songs because it’s divided in two parts but one leads up perfectly to the other. The second part of the track has that catchy Siouxsie And The Banshees “Happy House” sample which arrives right at the middle with a steady beat to carry out the rest of it.

Uninhibited, reckless fun and deep, steady beats; that’s what The Weeknd will give you, and these remixes keep you going the same way.

So don’t blame it on me girl

Cause you wanted to have fun

The Weeknd – High For This (Downpour Remix)

The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls (The Circle Edit)


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