Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Les Brown et Amy Winehouse

It’s hard not to notice the difference in Amy Winehouse’s appearance on the cover of her 2003 album Frank in comparison to the latest images released of her during her final attempt at a tour earlier this year.  Her untimely death was as equally sad as it was unsurprising.  A fight against substance abuse is a battle often belittled, but the unfortunate reality is this fight has been lost by so many of music’s greatest minds.  And yes, I look at Amy on that level.  In an industry of so many cloned artists Amy Winehouse paved her own way through superior talent and unique style, both things for which I will remember her by.  Frank and Back In Black are offspring that will Live On, Live Long.

Amy Winehouse – Help Yourself

Les Brown feat. Doris Day – You Won’t Be Satisfied

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