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Moby – Lie Down in Darkness (Arno Cost Remix)

Good morning from LA to the EMPT nation. I got a new subtle EDM remix of a Moby track which was released last week from French DJ Arno Cost. (Yes, Moby is still around and still producing tracks these days) His most recent album, Destroyed, was a tad disappointing but he always seems to lay down the groundwork for tracks to develop into a great remix, if done correctly. After stumbling on this treasure by Arno Cost, I keep finding myself hitting the loop button on my IPod especially in the evenings for this remix. The track has a dream-like escapism feel to it as I find myself drifting away every time I’m listening. From the piano build up’s to it’s complementary soft-toned vocals, the remix is exquisitely produced.

Wasn’t sure how this song would play out an EDM festival but this was tested by Arno Cost himself this past weekend at Tomorrowland in Beligum in front of several thousand peeps. The result appeared to be a success as the masses seem to dig and be attuned to the slow grooving climatic beats. This remix is best served while lying down before calling it night. As you close your eyes, capture the track’s tranquility into your eardrums while you Lie Down in Darkness. Enjoy.

Now that you’re gone,
the sun will be no more.”

Moby – Lie Down in Darkness (Arno Cost Remix)

– Joel

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