Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Roy Ayers et Nas & DMX

You are looking at the man himself Roy Ayers.  In a time frame of almost 50 years (dating up until the present), Ayers has been releasing and working on projects spanning almost every genre of music.  The handful of Roy Ayers sampled beats I have made in my day never got placed onto albums, but about 100 other producer’s beats have.  Ayers’ record “Everybody Loves Sunshine” alone has been sampled 35 times! (at my last count) Anyway, here’s a video I came across of the legend discussing his feelings on sampling.  The more I learn about this guy the more I become a fan, doesn’t hurt that he seems like the nicest guy ever…

Now on an only-related-through-sampling note, I also caught an interview today with the recently released DMX.  The direction his life has taken him in the last few years is truly sad, and when you listen to X’s lyrics as far back as his first album, you can easily detect signs of a very prominent dark side to the rapper’s life.  Its hard not to reflect on his recent path during this guest verse on Nas’ “Life Is What You Make It”.

Life is too short to get caught up on some dumb shit; Wake up, 40 years old on some bum shit…..Now realize that you ain’t got shit; Not long ago, you was the man, on some hot shit”

Damn reality is harsh sometimes.  The man did get caught up, I just hope his story isn’t over.  Anyway, the track contains a sample of Roy Ayers’ “Vittroni’s Theme” off of the soundtrack of the 1973 movie Coffy.  Since this record isn’t much to really listen to, I threw in “Everybody Loves Sunshine” as well. Life is what you make it, let’s make it.

Roy Ayers – Vittroni’s Theme

Nas ft. DMX – Life Is What You Make It

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves Sunshine