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Fallulah – I Lay My Head (Shook Remix)

Ah another blissful tune from Fallulah has entered the realms of my strange and blessed world these days. As I multi-task a million different things at work, (something I’ve become sadly good at) I’ve been listening to two artists. Fallulah, and quite drastically different, Jay-Z/Kanye’s latest album, Wath the Throne…we’ll save that conversation for another post, though it is a truly fantastical album. That’s all I’ll say right now.

This remix of I Lay My Head is just as funky and head bobby as you’d imagine anything from Shook. He has an excellent track record in my books, having won my heart over with his remix of Ellie Goulding’s Lights. There’s a slight 80s feel to it, with the xylophone and piano combinations. Fallulah is a joy to listen to already, with a sweet angelic voice similar to that of Florence Welch/Bjork. Yeah, those are two really different singers, but they’re both wicked talented.

I’ve secretly wanted to write about Fallulah for a while since I heard Only Human, so this is a totally appropriate time to share the happiness by giving you not just one happy fun tune, but two.


I Lay My Head (Shook Remix) – Fallulah


Only Human – Fallulah