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Electric Zoo Festival 2011 – Preview

There’s a lot to say about the third year of Electric Zoo Festival in New York City. It’s a big deal for us northeast coasters, because it is the biggest electronic music festival to happen on our side.  This year, for three whole days on Labor Day weekend, youngsters and oldsters alike will come together to rave and groove to the magnificent sounds of some of the world’s greatest DJs and electronic acts.

I had the chance to attend merely one day last year, (which was originally only a two day festival) and found myself completely blown away and mesmerized. It was a spectacular experience, one that could not be recreated elsewhere. There was something really mind boggling about being trapped on Randall’s Island, brimming with electronic music, surrounded by another island of solely concrete, (with the occasional scattering of trees, see: Central Park) that totally encompassed the festivities.

The lineup this year is pretty killer, including a lot of major electronic acts. I’m honestly torn between which day is going to be the best. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am the biggest electronic music nerd ever, so to be at a festival such as this, is not only awesome, (in the most literal sense of the word) but totally stressful. It can be difficult, if not tricky, to decide who to see when you’re actually there. I’d recommend planning ahead, or at the very least, sitting down with your crew upon arrival with a schedule to sort everything out. Yeah I know it sounds a little dorky, but you won’t regret it.

The festival itself takes place on the massive fields of Randall’s Island, where four different stages are set up for ultimate groove-age. This year’s lineup is majorly different from last year’s, (very sad to see that Chemical Brothers and Pretty Lights will not be returning, their sets were some of my all-time favorites) but there are still some incredible DJs scheduled to perform.

Let me get a little sentimental for a hot minute though, just to further lure you in. There’s something beautiful about music festivals in general, whatever type it may be. A concert experience is something you exist in solely for that moment, though due to the length of time that most normal concerts go on for, you may walk away with very little memory of the actual event itself. All you know, is that it was a beautiful experience and that it contributes to a bigger musical picture in your life. A festival experience is something you are more likely to remember very specific parts of. Chances are that you’re with your favorite people, enjoying an incredible atmosphere where all of your senses are tingling with happiness. If you’re not being stimulated via audio, you’re probably taking in some incredible views or artwork. The entire festival atmosphere is that of an escape to another planet, and we welcome it with open arms because musical experiences are often times what make up some of our greatest memories.

For your ears’ happiness and convenience, I’ve made a playlist of some of my favorite musicians that will be performing.  It’s not large, and it excludes a lot, but you can totally groove to it on this beautiful Saturday. Check it out here.

May you all have lovely, swagged out weekends.