Crystal Fighters – I Do This Everyday

It’s a full house here; my roommates just returned from traveling. One of them returned from the Benicassim Festival in Valencia, Spain. She came back not only raving about the beach/festival experience, and she couldn’t stop praising a Spanish band  called Crystal Fighters.

Chrystal Fighters are a noteworthy group because, at least in this album, every track is super different, contributing to an unpredictable dynamic that keeps your feet moving. The variety of sounds combine rock, dubstep, and African beats.  These seemingly disperate genres are all adapted in a digital and unique way. These past days I’ve been having a lot of conversations about “The Ego” and the persona that we put forth to other people. What other race does such a thing, put up walls all the time to disguise who we are?  The lyrics of this song remind me of the idea that we need to be aware of the barriers we create for our selves.

“You have a Hammer, break down the wall”

Crystal Fighters – I Do This Everyday