Et Musique Pour Tous @ Armani 5th Ave

That’s right folks, it’s that time again for another economy stimulating Fashion’s Night Out and we’re right in the belly of the beast. If you’re big pimpin’ on 5th Ave this evening make sure to stop by Armani, I’ll be behind the decks from 6 to 10 PM bringing nothing but that good ol’ Space Age for the evening.

This lifestyle’s got me on my toes…” – Body Language

EMPT continues to take me on a ride I could have never imagined and I can only be grateful. I started EMPT with no expectations, just me writing everyday about my life and the music I listened to. Now it’s this international operation that demands some serious attention, help and management. Man I’ll never be able to comprehend how this happened but all I can do is say thanks to you guys for stopping by on a regular and making it all possible. We still have so much more to do but I have to thank all the behind the scenes people that keep the car running, Cyrus Pavel (CP) for bringing a new level organization, planning and execution to the vision, Michael Smith for the bizz and mentoring, Steph for her nonstop quality, all the writers for their wonderful contributions. Long story, it’s been amazing thus far but certainly no walk down easy street and I’m so grateful for all the love shown.

So that the past my friends and the future is only going to get better. We’re in the process of planning a Halloween version of Noctambule, we’ll be playing a beach in the Dominican Republic in a few weeks, we’re going to be upgrading our backend for some great site enhancements and the list goes on. I’m posting this Van She Tech remix of Climbing Walls because 1. it’s amazing & 2. it represents my new found attitude toward things. There are no such things as shortcuts in life, if you want something you have to work hard for it, you have to constantly fight for it. The journey and challenges winning are more important than the win itself, so you have to develop a love for the process, a love for breaking down old walls and climbing new ones. Anyways, we’ve come this far so where do we go from here? To the the top baby!

Strange Talk – Climbing Walls (Van She Tech Remix)