2Pac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha et Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the tragic death of Tupac Shakur. While I originally planned to get this post up yesterday, it proved difficult to choose the right song being that the man had an incredible catalog of classic records. His versatility remains unmatched, no rapper could seamlessly flow between subject matter like ‘Pac could. Whether it be a party track (“I Get Around”), a battle record (“Hit ‘Em Up”), a song for his mother (“Dear Mama”), or some hardcore gangster shit (“Ambitionz Az A Ridah”) you could always feel his passion and love for the music through his words and delivery. The man accomplished more in his 25 years than most do in an entire lifetime, and his legacy and cultural impact is up there with the likes of John Lennon and Bob Marley. Rest In Peace to a man who will live forever through his music.


2Pac – I Ain’t Mad at Cha

2Pac – Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find