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MyKill – Falling

It’s Wednesday but it feels like a Monday, is that weird? I’m okay with it for now, because I know when the weekend rolls around it’s going to be a really blissful surprise. Regardless, last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time. This is very relevant to this swaggy track you’re about to hear, so bear with me. This friend of mine is someone I would call my musical equal, because I think we’re on exactly the same level of love for music, in every regard. Ever since we met last year, we’ve been sharing music with one another, already knowing how the other will feel. It’s safe to say that his taste in music is excellent, and lucky for him, he’s a DJ too. (Maybe I should say lucky for the people who get to listen to him at work, because it’s so hard not to dance…)

Anyways, we were at a party together over the weekend when he started to DJ, and he threw down this track. I was sitting at the time and couldn’t help but stand up and groove. This track kind of made me realize when I listened the next day, that my summer was totally over but that good things were happening all around.

I think it’s only fair to include a Boney M. video in this post too, because I know you need it on this surprisingly beautiful Wednesday.

What if all we had to worry about was producing feel good disco tunes and maintaining our afros? How beautiful would that be?

MyKill – Falling