Givers – Meantime (RAC Mix)

Don’t get stuck in the meantime, no such thing as the meantime…”

Those are the last two lines in this song and what a way to go out with a bang. I don’t know if it’s human nature or some strange pychological comfort but we have this tendency to settle with the initial intention of doing something else later. Don’t get me wrong, everything is a process so in that undertaking you’re quite likely to engage in unfavorable things but then again how many people do you know with a legit plan that they are actually following through on? So for many, the thing they temporarily settled on becomes their permanent reality and those old plans are so far so gone. This is a place known as the middle or as Givers puts it in this song, the meantime.

F#&k the middle cause the middle do a lot and a little…” – Styles P

That’s the place where people get lost in thought, live in indecision and indulge in all the comforts of doubt and insecurity. I say comforts because I’m starting to realize that anything that makes you live in your head instead of out in the world is psychologically easy, even when it feels or leads to negative results. That’s probably confusing but what I’m saying is that losing is easy and winning is hard so naturally many of us go for the comfortable and easy path. This applies to everything in life be in love, business, physical health you name it. Everything takes constant hard work, discipline and dedication. When you’re passionate or in love with something it may seem easy but in reality you’re just willingly putting in the work so it doesn’t feel like labor.

In this song for example, the girl is caught up in her world of doubt and insecurity and her self-inflicted limits don’t allow the relationship to be what it should…

All your wasted time, caught up in your mind
Your line, your mind, yes your line
All your wasted lines, caught up in your time, your time
And all this time you lost you will learn again.”

Dealing with those issues, communicating them and working them out is the hard part but she doesn’t do it. Instead she looks for the easy way out but always ends up coming back to the relationship because that’s what her heart tells her. In the meantime she’s causing her partner all this grieft but because she loves her he puts up with it. This probably sounds familiar to some of you…

If they say why, why? Tell them that it’s human nature…” – Michael Jackson

Long story not so short, get use to doing the hard thing. Popular culture hasn’t exactly been the greatest influence in helping us understand the way things really work so fight your urge to live in your thoughts, get out there and face reality. Don’t give yourself a warmup period, don’t “get ready,” life is short and then you’re on life support so get up and make the necessary changes RIGHT NOW because there’s no such thing as the meantime, enjoy.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. – African proverb


Givers – Meantime (RAC Mix)

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