Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money

I saw Penguin Prison perform this at Tammany Hall sometime ago, at the time the song was completely new and there wasn’t even a recorded version of it. I stood there with my girl cold chillin’ and thinking how cool the jam was when all of a sudden Chris Glover switched to that falsetto in the chorus and sang –

You fuck with my money!?!
And you’ll be sorry oh!

You know those times in life when you’re going through something and all of a sudden a song comes on talking SAME thing. I was literally in the middle of a bad business breakup with my partner, I was discouraged with the music business and my attitude had gone from let’s build something to f&$k you pay me! He sung that chorus and I immediately had chills running through my body. Music is tricky because when you’re passionate about something you’re not really thinking about money, but some of the non creative types however are always thinking about money and will take advantage of the monetarily nonchalant. My bad experience made me go from one extreme to another and I quickly developed a complex about being taken advantage of and people undervaluing music. Needless to say hearing Chris capture those feelings at that particular moment was total harmony. Nowadays I have a more balanced attitude but this song is certainly my anthem when doing any new business or working with anyone. My advice for any passionate musicians out there who don’t like to deal with money, learn to separate the business from the love. Be straight up with someone if they offer you less then you think you deserve and don’t think about it AT ALL. Money is man made, it’s cold, not alive and has absolutely NO VALUE or meaning on it’s own. People give it all this meaning but it’s just a piece of paper so treat it and talk about it that way. And for all you fools who come my way for business…

Don’t  fuck with my money!

Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money

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