Mima – Oigo Voces

Good Evening,

I have some news that will delight you.

Apart from partially disappearing from the face of the Earth due to many many computer mishaps, I’ve been living in a world almost completely En Español. But, with the winter approaching, I’m beginning to settle down on my feet again. You know, I’m not sayin’ I’m about to forget how to have fun, but coming back to Earth and really focusing on your work a few times each year is necessary.

To celebrate this comeback, I’m going to share a little gem from Puerto Rico, Yarimir Cabán, alias MiMa. Personally, I’d been out of touch with her music since I moved to NYC, but her second album was just released a few days ago and it is a lovely comeback! The album was produced by Mark Underwood (DJ Nature) and Yarimir Caban (MIMA) and mixed by Stuart Sikes (Cat Power and The White Stripes). I think that what attracts people to her music has to do with the the graceful mix of sounds she produces, she has a pretty steady audience in the Caribbean and in some places in the States. This new album especially shows a wide range of experimentations with various genres; you’ll hear some punk, some funk, some brazilian influences, and some soft drum and voice experimentation.

I felt that out of the whole album, this song, Oigo Voces (I Hear Voices), would ring more with the EMPT crowd. In this song, she’s talking to a ghost, about what it’s like to be dead. No, it’s not a Halloween post (or is it?), so I’m thinking that what she’s trying to say has to do with the fact that, as Ashley was saying before, we’re all going to be “ghosts” one day. So, why not enjoy air? And why not enjoy the seasons? And why not enjoy a cup of coffee and a cigarette, and wasting time once in a while? And why not enjoy working hard for what we want in life?

Wake up! I mean, if not now, when?

Nunca he estado muerta, pero si estado dormida

(I’ve never been dead, but I have been asleep)


Mima – Oigo Voces

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