Fela Kuti – Zombie


So I’ve returned to Connecticut for the next couple of days to enjoy the pleasures of nature and family. I don’t plan on doing much work, which is good because I have a few posts that I’ve been waiting to put up for the past couple weeks. It’s been busy but life is always busy. There are no excuses as to why, and it’s pointless when we try to explain our lack of time organization, as if somehow defending our right to be busy. The truth is that some things just get priority, and when they do, you just have to accept it and allow that to happen. There’s no point in explaining it as if it’s bad — embrace your lack of time. Because those areas of your life that don’t always get the time of day now, will have their moment to shine at some point. And when they do, it will be beautiful.

So much of my life is like this song. A soft and sensual introduction, followed by distant drums that only get louder and louder. When the horns and other percussion enter the musical picture, it’s just a musical symphony of epic proportions. The horns are trying to tell a story that we have all heard, and that’s why it’s beautiful and familiar. But it’s also unexpected, because it’s only halfway through the song that we begin to hear vocals. And that’s life! It’s a constant cycle of what seems soft, but is actually loud and metaphorical. And then something really unexpected happens, and we have to adapt. It’s remarkable.

This song warms my heart, and I hope it warms yours too.

Until next time,

Fela Kuti – Zombie