Penguin Prison – Multimillionaire (Shook Remix)

These days it doesn’t seem to be about the game anymore, people are too obsessed with all the material things they will get out of the game. I am not just talking about Football and Basketball and all the crap that has been going on with the lockouts, thank goodness that’s all over.  I am talking about every game, game meaning what it is we love to do whether it be a professional sport or entertainment.  We have to remember why it is we are doing it and not get so wrapped up in all the material aspects of it.  Ya its great to make money and have everything, but if its making you forget the importance of your game then its not worth it!

Penguin Prison always has a way of putting things into perspective in a way that makes you feel good, plus ever since I got to see them perform I saw just from the body language how much they feel and love what they are doing..

I’m livin’ like a Muti-Millionaire, I cant explain it…

I like to feel like I am already living the dream, I feel like you  have to be able to do that before you really reach the goal line.  So on that note its Football Sunday and I need to go watch the Green Bay Packers kick some ass!  Press play on this baby and don’t forget what it is you are living for…Enjoy.

Penguin Prison – Multimillionaire (Shook Remix)