Gotye – State of the Art

If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with all things Gotye related. Not only has he proven himself as a remarkable musician, but his artistry often times leaves listeners in awe, again, like me. Something I think about a lot, is how we can all rave about albums and say that every track is truly phenomenal, or that every track is terrible. Vast descriptions that summarize an entire album, without attention to each specific track. (This applies to the general people, not necessarily people who get paid to write about music…they try to put together quite the in depth review) But it’s always difficult to pick out new songs to specifically seek out on the album, besides what is offered as, “hit singles” or whatever you end up hearing on the radio. It’s difficult to stray from these songs that have been declared as the ones you should listen to, by whomever it may be — the producers or the musicians themselves. But what happens to be so beautiful about music, is that it is a social art. It’s something that brings us together, not only because we may find others with similar tastes, but because it offers itself as something we can talk about with each other. If we like a song that is not widely received or discussed, we can share it. And because we’ve received the OK from whomever the recommend-er was, that this song is in fact great by at least one other person’s standards, subconsciously, we feel that we may just like it too. And that makes it just as significant as the single, or the over played radio song.

That’s how it works. And that’s why I bring you this song. Because I do feel that the entire Making Mirrors album is remarkable, to say the least, but it’s easy to get lost or obsessed with two songs that have happened to acquire much attention. The point is to stray away from that, because once you do, you’ll find something like this.

Enjoy 🙂