Calvin Harris – Flashback / Bounce (Alfonse Remix)

On my way to Vegas I finally got around to checking our Soundcloud submissions and the first thing I came across was two remixes from a new British dude named Alfonse, it was love at first listen. Every now and then the universe randomly brings EMPT these great new talents that deserve much more credit then they’re getting, Alfonse is one of them. His sound is mature and refined so I’m not sure how new he is to the scene but if you didn’t know him by now get ready to start seeing a lot more from this guy…

A mild-mannered electronic-noise-maker by day, with nightfall Alfonse becomes a towering musical marauder wielding an array of synths. His sound fuses infectious electro hooks and dancefloor-friendly grooves with something darker and grungier. Live, he mixes musicianship with electronic trickery to create a huge sound, with help from a drummer and guest vocalists.”

I took that straight from his site and usually I don’t do that but I really couldn’t have said it better myself. The Calvin Harris remix is what originally caught my attention but then I dug deeper into his catalogue and quickly realized home boy was the real deal, I recommend you do the same. Subtract for example is a track he performed entirely on an iPad, check out the YouTube video, it’s quite fresh.

On another note, Vegas was up to it’s usual trickery. We got in early to take a bunch of meetings and then all of a sudden a restaurant owner is telling us about how great his mixology program is and offers us “the best vodka in the world.” I hate Vodka but he was right. Anyways, on to the next meeting, somehow more amazing drinks, the most ridiculously beautiful bodied girls and then our last meeting is was José Andres’ Jaleo which is easily one of the top 3 tapas places I’ve ever been to. Aside from Le Bernadin in NYC, I haven’t seen many other chefs mix flavors so fearlessly and use food so creatively. If you ever make it out to the city of sin go to the Cosmopolitan and eat there, you won’t regret it. The next day I made a conscious effort to avoid the Vegas lure but did go see Foster the People at Marquee which I must say was pretty damn good. Now if you haven’t been there yet, look out for your favorite DJ and go asap. The sound system is from a company called Funktion-One and it will literally change your life. I’ve been to many clubs around the world but this one bangs like no other, it’s a music heads dream. Anyways, I went from the city of sin to the city of angels and it’s back to business.

Spend sometime with these Alfonse tracks because the dude is on point, enjoy.

Calvin Harris – Flashback / Bounce (Alfonse Remix)

Bonus: Had to post this Gotye remix, Alfonse killed it and of course that Gotye is so hot right now…

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Alfonse Remix)