Justice – On’n’on (Rick Rubin Remix)

Rick Rubin is legend. His discography is flat out ridiculous, I mean from Jazzy J to Johnny Cash to Justice and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Who else can claim such a diverse spectrum? What really makes him special is how authentic his work was regardless of style or genre. He has a way of staying true to the music that very few can do and even fewer can do well. This Justice remix for example is so current, so on point that it might as well had been produced by an 18 year old French kid. Of course then you hear the percussion break down, mature production decisions, perfect vibe and immediately realize this is no rookie, this is a strange and rare balance of everything great, this is Rick Rubin.

I was having a conversion with a close friend about how everyone is either trying to be in the past or in the future yet the hardest thing to do, and to me the most important is to be current. It’s analogous to living in the past or constantly thinking about the future when you should be in the moment. This might sound strange but if you think about it, being current is about as futuristic as one can be. The future though eventually a reality is nothing but a concept, thus what is happening now is the future and you can’t get further than that until you actually get there…

Forever – is composed of nows…” – Emily Dickinson

Living up to the past or future is cool in theory but that’s all it is. If you really want to be in the future learn to keep up with time, enjoy.

Justice – On’n’on (Rick Rubin Remix)