Robotaki – The Boys (Instrumental)

Before anyone jumps out the window I’m aware that this was in fact a remix for a certain K-Pop group, but for reasons we don’t need to explain that group will be left unmentioned on EMPT. However, this instrumental is pure Nu-Disco glory and the 20 year old producer Preston Chin aka Robotaki will indeed be mentioned because when it comes to this style young is running with the best. I’ve been following Robotaki for a while and I have to say, this is one of those upcoming producers worth keeping an eye out for. His current catalog is full of gems, with almost every record hitting the mark, fresh.

My new thing in LA is waking up super early, it’s the only time there aren’t a million cars on the road and I can actually have enough space to do one of my favorite things – drive fast. If you haven’t noticed I’m somewhat infatuated with the concept of time and life in the fast lane is one of the few times where I actually feel like I’m moving at a decent enough speed to keep up with it. It was actually on one of my 6 AM trips that I was lost in thought and suddenly caught myself pushing 120 mph on the 101. The sun was barely out yet and my iPhone’s EMPT playlist shuffled to The Boys remix. Talk about a great driving song, I mean the big drum breakdown at the 3 minute mark pure energy. Without even knowing I was flying to this jam, the kid Robotaki’s got it going on.

To further elaborate on my obsession with time I’d like to talk about my favorite word right now – momentum…

From the beginning of Queen there was such momentum that I never had any time to do anything else. My energy was 95% focused on the band. – Brian May

That my friends is how you create and do amazing things. To have something that gives you so much fulfillment that you can literally spend all your time on it is a rare and beautiful thing. It’s so easy to get distracted in this world, especially by the people you keep around. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t believe in the traditional sense of compromise, I think you should do what you want and align yourself with an inner circle people who share your disposition and only compromise within those terms, it’s the only way I see to truly be free. Doesn’t mean avoid people, that’s ridiculous, Doing it another way is like constantly giving up bits and pieces of yourself to placate others and by the time you’re done you have this different version of yourself that makes no sense. Our thoughts and feelings are influenced and guided by so many things that have nothing to do with us. We constantly settle for others to be more like them but what everyone deserves is to be ourselves, that’s why…

There’s nothing more noble and beautiful than a warrior with no distractions…”

I’ve been like this since I was little and that’s whats beautiful to me. Growing up an entertainer you miss out on a lot of things so a lot of the traditional loves people have, a lot of those needs just don’t exists in me but I’ve been blessed to have seen and and done so much at a young age that I have some unique romances and loves that constantly drive and inspire me. At the end of the end the day it’s about what’s important to you because one mans distraction might be the others desire. I just know that right now, with Robotaki in the background, nothing or no one to distract me and seeing how this Space Age Bachelor thing has come to life in front of my very eyes I just gotta keep going, enjoy.

Robotaki – The Boys (Instrumental)