Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour

Did you bite the hand that feeds you? Do you feel the need to talk about it?
Now you’re fighting for your corner, saying that you outta laugh about it.
 You should get a little braver, do us all a favor, shout about it…”

I absolutely love modern dance production but what I love even more is variety. When everything sounds the same and everyone is using the same techniques the musical world can get boring fast. There’s a great value to repetition and that’s called mastery but repetition without new discovery and experimentation is flat out boring. That applies to music, love, work, you name it. That ‘s why I’m totally into this new Band of Skulls track. No synths, sidechaining or LFO’s here, just some dirty distortion, guitars, drums and a band telling their story. A refreshing break from the norm that’s gritty, passionate, bluesy, honest and bad ass. Dig.

I don’t know if it was growing up hip hop or what but you’d be hard pressed to catch me on my down time listening to the latest Bruno Mars tragedy about catching grenades for chicks. I have nothing against that kind of music, it serves it’s purpose but it’s just hard to take something so fabricated serious…

Yo, you’re lying, he’s lying and she’s lying. My man over there, he’s lying.
You know what you’re building up a bunch of lies, straight lies. – Kool Keith

Be it a love, party or chill out song I crave attitude, honesty, aggression and some kind of rebelliousness in my music. Sweet Sour easily meets all these requirements.

Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour