Wekeed – Wild Child

“We are WEKEED. The wild union of a girl and a boy brought together by life – couldn’t be any different – who write, sing & produce their own tracks. Just like other couples make love, we make music. Sweaty grooves & sensuality are what we’re all about. The stage & your playlist are what we’re heading to. Now.”

That’s their mini auto-biography intro from their soundcloud. What a way to bust the door open and say ‘here we are, and this is what we do.”

I’m supposed to wait for WEKEED to finish their latest work to post about them. Can’t, sorry. This is too good to keep to myself. I’ve heard several remixes of Crystal Fighters’ single plagebut for some reason this one passed me by. After a chance-meeting with the a half of the duo, we finally had the wool removed from our eyes. Voici the only remix you should be listening to on such a sunny Sunday. Nothing but Le French Touch baby.

Wekeed – Wild Child

via SoundSlinger