Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix)

Yeah yeah yeah, how you like me now?”

Well Willy, I liked you a lot before but now that Sinden has gotten a hold of you, I think I’m love. But seriously, check out Willy Moon, he’s bringing back a lot of vintage flavors in a way many die hard purist will be proud of.

I try to have a little fun now, I stay with my ear to the drum now…”

Ok so this one is for all those who like to move because when this drops at 1:23?! MY GOSH. That’s one of the most seductive and energetic club bass lines I’ve heard in a while. If you’re at work I recommend getting up going to the roof, locking yourself in the bathroom or just going somewhere can play it loud and act a fool. This will make you want to move. Talk about a banger. This reminds me of the Noctambule parties Kevin and I use to DJ back in New York, nothing but big bass electro bangers mixed with classic Hip Hop. People ask me what I like to DJ, my answer is bangers like this and nothing less. Did I mention the Wu-Tang sample oh this jam? Sinden just smashed this remix, I don’t even know what else to say. I like this so much I almost kept it to myself, Mollie hit me up this morning asking why I didn’t post it and then Ashley said – With this weather and the fact that it’s thursday people will go ape shit. These girls know what they’re talking. What’s the name of that Calvin Harris song, ready for the weekend? Right, now let’s get live!

Yeah they like my style…”

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix)

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah