Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Chateaubriand Edit)

Simply adorable. This track. It’s like bird lovers engaging in a quarrel mid-flight. You know what I’m talking about — sometimes you’ll be walking down the street in New York City during the summer and maybe you’re thinking about twelve things at once. You begin to wonder at why you love this city so much. You hate it. But you love it. You relate with all the classic writers who have said the same thing. And you think to yourself:

I just need to get out of here! I need nature. I need not-subway-air. I need proper isolation.”

And then guess what happens? These two birds come flying out of nowhere in tandem, suddenly engaged in flustered wing flapping choppiness. It looks like a fight. They don’t hate each other, it’s like when dogs play. Everyone else who isn’t a dog (or not a dog owner, in my case) thinks they hate each other, but the dogs know it’s all good in the end. That’s exactly what it’s like. And then they stop fussing over whatever it is birds fuss about, and continue on in flight. And because they’re lovers (an observer can only hope), they fly in perfect coordination with one another and it’s sublime.

The fight then the happy. But the fight’s not a real fight, so everything just seems really okay the entire time, like you shouldn’t really worry. That’s what this track feels like. It’s a summer track, one to be played by the blow-up kiddie pool you wish you had on your blisteringly hot tar-covered rooftop.

You might recognize the original Lovers’ Carvings from the Google Glass video. There’s a charming introduction, and then the song really starts to kick off at around 1:28. That’s where you hear the guitar, the hand-clapping, and the maracas. What’s great about Chateaubriand’s edit is how loyal it is to the original feeling. As you can tell from the length of my post, this song is a lot more about the feeling it evokes for each listening than anything else. But by starting the edit off with the part of the song that  picks up, speeding it up a bit, and providing a funky dance beat, the original track is left in tact. There is also the sound of waves in the background of the edit which works beautifully in playing up the summer song vibe.

I have a feeling this track will end up in many summer mixes…just a hunch. Enjoy!

Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings (Chateaubriand Edit)