Dragonette – Let It Go

I am a huge fan of Dragonette, her energy and attitude which you hear in her vocals and every word that comes out of her mouth, it’s very real, it’s not forced.  This is something I am always noticing first hand when I am listening to more and more artists especially female artists, of this generation, a lot of them seem like they are forcing something , believe me you can always tell, and why would you want to listen to someone who isn’t feeling what they are telling you, you wouldn’t!

The creeps in this video will go to great extremes to ensure you’re always happy, even if it means leaching happiness from other unsuspecting humans and condensing it into pills to feed to you. The weirdos think you need help keeping your thoughts light and your mind vacant. We think you should let it go.”

Everything about this track screams high energy and an honest attitude, you even see it in the video, with the carefree, dance how you feel it, just “let it go” attitude.  Dragonette definitely has a hint of outrageous in her style, but never trying to hard, some of us are naturally outrageous and I say embrace that if your born with it!  I needed something high energy with that 80’s vibe which if you haven’t noticed really gets me going every time, and with the positive lyrics this couldn’t be a better package to get your Saturday moving and forgetting about the week that is now well behind you.  Dragonette is touring all Summer and I really need to get on some of those tickets quick, not only that but if your a fan of The Knocks, which I most definitely am, they will be touring with Dragonette in September.  These tickets are sure to sell out so get your asses on the cool kids train and snag some tickets!

Alright enough chatter, press play and have a great weekend, enjoy!

Dragonette – Let It Go