Metric – Clone

Call me out
My regret
Only makes me stronger yet

Nothing I’ve ever done right
Happened on the safe side
It’s the other way
I’m missing everyone I know now

It’s too late in the day
It’s too late in the day to take you on all the right
I was afraid to tell you that

Back to that photograph
Can you clone me?
I look like everyone you know now…”

I haven’t heard lyrics that resonate with me so well in a while, so I felt it was only right to lay these out for you all.  I think these lyrics could resonate with anyone though, I mean think about it, did you ever do anything right by not taking a leap, taking a chance, living on the dangerous wild side.  Nothing good ever comes from playing it safe, lets be real here, Metric does a great job of displaying this in the lyrics without sounding too cliche, and that’s something I really appreciate myself because you can get so stuck on writing easy lyrics, or cliche ones, but finding that right twist to set them out from the rest but still know exactly what they mean is pure talent.

I really like Metric, their new album Synthetica is fire so you should really check it out.  It’s so funny I came across this track because I was just talking about them yesterday with a Big Boss from Warner Brothers, ya that’s right people know about EMPT over there, bad ass right!?  Anyways not too get too off track in my moment of excitement, but I just adore Emily Haines deep breathy vocals which give the lyrics so much justice and power.  I am really feeling this one today so I am gonna go ahead and put it on repeat, enjoy!

Metric – Clone