Johnnyswim – Heartbeats

What I really liked about this track and that reeled me in was how the lyrics are not complicated at all in the context of feelings. Yet it expresses, in a very unique way, a feeling that most of us experience but don’t express – or don’t know how to put into words-: that moment when you feel something for that someone and you actually feel it in your heart, when it beats. As you can realize this is a feeling that can be experienced on one of those “We just shared a glance on the subway” to the “I’ve loved you all my life” moments.

Johnnyswim is a duo comprised of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez hailing from Nashville. On the vocal side, she has a bit of Lauryn Hill and on the musical side, it’s a bit of Band of Horses meets some flamenco street band with the handclaps and all. They have a free EP called ‘Home‘ from which this track, in my humble opinion, stands out.

Johnnyswim – Heartbeats

By Yaqui

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