Music Remixes

Vadoinmessico – Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Happy July! What a beautiful weekend it has been. I came across this song last week on a run. I like to download music to my iTunes without necessarily listening to it so that the experience is raw and emotional when I’m out and about. This came on just as I was approaching the middle of the Williamsburg bridge on my run, a tricky spot seeing as I sometimes turn around halfway if I get too hot…As soon as this track started to pick up speed, I found myself doing the same. I love the way the vocals are chopped up and served like a raw sushi delight, delicate and flavorful. I wanted to chop up my own pace so that it matched the beat, flailing my arms and shaking my butt, since it’s New York City after all. No one really cares. But I didn’t do any of that. Instead, I finished the rest of the bridge and turned around just as I’d hoped I would.

There’s truly not a better feeling in the world than being able to successfully reach a goal, even if it’s just a running distance goal.

I think this is the perfect track to kick off July. It’s light and airy but present, the kind of tune that will happily get stuck in your head. It’s strange and rare that we find tunes stuck in our heads that we actually enjoy.

And with that, happy listening!

Crystal Fighters – Teeo (Crystal Fighters Remix)