Das Tapes – This Party

First, talk box.

It’s slightly syncopated, coming in and out of verses at leisure but not totally at random. Among what I’m sure will be several other 4th of July jams, this is at the top for me. I actually heard this song a week ago and I wanted to make it a Friday post due to its obvious party nature, but today is almost like Friday, right? Most of us don’t have work tomorrow, so take it easy.

I’m currently in Connecticut to celebrate some fireworks and family tonight, and I’m really happy that this song made its way into my musical collection. I brought up syncopation at the beginning of this post because it’s something I love hearing in music. I remember the times that I’d get tripped up by syncopation during violin rehearsals as a kid, but I’m so thankful that it was engrained into my memory and life from such a young age because it’s easily one of my favorite techniques now.

Time stands still while you’re just wasting away

Yeah you gotta keep your cool while your girl disses you

To all of you beautiful readers, have a truly fabulous fourth of July!

Das Tapes – This Party