James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix)

Today we celebrate 122 years of Idaho’s statehood. I couldn’t believe it either. Was there really a time when Idaho WASN’T a state?

Crank the dial and groove to Poindexter’s remix of Blake’s character post-dubstep. Blake certainly has his place and time in moments of my day – a quiet, moon-gazing at dusk or a slow-sipping, whiskey-edged conversation. But, if we’re celebrating, Poindexter puts the top down on this one and lets it ride. Poindexter’s may be Andrew Rodriquez from Oregon, but his music is reminiscent of something ’70s. Dare I say “funktronic?”

I don’t know about my dreams.
I don’t know about my dreamin anymore.
All that I know is
I’m fallin, fallin, fallin, fallin.

There’s something about that funky sound that makes possibility inch a little closer. Let the Gem State be our example. Happy 3rd to all the Idahoans out there. Don’t groove too hard.

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix)