Moonlight Matters – Come For Me

Have you ever heard a song where right from the first few seconds you think: What the heck is this? A punch to the stomach that you actually feel in your feet and makes you want to dance frantically. With an amalgamate of influences from some of your favorite musical decades and on top of that lyrics that not only you relate to but can easily find someone in any dance floor that you can sing them to. That is what this song does with an incredible precision.

This track is as energetic as it gets. The kicks and the pitch-bent vocal samples with Hercules & Love Affair‘s Gustaph on the vocals is the perfect combination to get you sweating; be it on the dance floor or the gym. If this song doesn’t get your heart racing then you should visit the doctor stat.

I first heard the Mighty Mouse Remix on the Kitsuné Soleil compilation which features plenty of tracks as good as this one and now the EP is out with the full length version. The original version is totally worth the purchase.

Moonlight Matters is the brainchild of Belgian producer Sebastiaan Vandervoode (ex-Villa) and their remixes are nothing short of moonlight matters themselves. Vandervoode is part of the belgian cosmic disco revival movement and he’s done a pretty good job at it if you ask me.

I dare you to hit play and not feel like it’s already Friday.

Moonlight Matters – Come For Me

By Yaqui

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