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Sexton Blake – Human Nature

There is never not a bad time of day to bust out some Michael Jackson tunes.  Portland, Oregon babies, Sexton Blake, bring us their hauntingly faithful rendition of Jackson’s toned-down ballad, Human Nature from his Thriller era. Some nice after-effects gives the track its mellow, needle-on-the-record feel. Sometimes this audio-esthetic can really grind my gears and ruin what would be a solid song, but this feel appropriate. It tones the track down and stays true to Jackson’s intent with the song – a focus on the lyrics. Both Jackson and Sexton Blake’s versions show-off the artist’s falsetto. Blake’s cover enters the brain like a pleasant sedative. It’s complimenting the melancholy weather outside my window right now.

It may not be some bumpin’ beat that gets you hyped up for Friday night and the weekend, but it’s a track that’ll be your best friend come tomorrow morning. It’s just a keyboard and a man – honest and simple. Whether you play this now as the work day winds down, tonight if you’re staying in for a chill evening, or tomorrow morning ’cause anything with a bass line will leave your head pounding you’ll be chilled down and feelin’ like all is well with the world.

Looking out
Across the morning
The city’s heart begins to beat
Reaching out
I touch her shoulder
I’m dreaming of the street.”

Think what you want about the man, Jackson’s music and vocal talent is unmatched. If you’re in need of a something slightly more upbeat (and when I say slightly I mean it) then listen to this live performance of Human Nature. This is how you make a pop performance out of an otherwise un-poppy tune.

Sexton Blake – Human Nature