David Byrne and St. Vincent – Who


I’ve learned two things from hanging out with jazz lovers this week: where to find good food and how to listen to horns. And this song’s got nice horns. That solo saxophone starts off in such a classy and funky way that when the track follows up with the more edgy guitar riffs it makes for a nice surprise.And you wouldn’t expect it, but Annie Clark’s soft voice sounds just right next to Byrne’s howls. A collaboration between David Byrne and St. Vincent is even more than bringing together the voices of two generations, it’s also bringing together two people from very different places, and making it work with each of their styles.

Who’s getting out of here
Who thinks they’re hungry
Who’s gonna be my friend
All around the table, everybody’s staring.

Living & walking in a city like New York you cross paths with literally thousands of people everyday. I think that’s actually an amazing thing; not knowing, and being ok with not knowing anyone of those people that rub up against you on the train again. Some people say it’s an impersonal city, but if you look at every-who as a new opportunity to make something great happen…then that’s about 8 billion opportunities walking around you all day.

Byrne & St. Vincent’s tour Love This Giant is set to hit the states late this summer.

David Byrne and St. Vincent – Who