Theophilus London – Lighthouse (JJ Remix)

It’s not every night that you find yourself sitting on a rooftop in Fort Greene looking out on the Manhattan skyline with a bunch of jazz bros, talking and appreciating good music. But on the nights that this happens, it’s easy to get lifted off into a sublime state of euphoria. Last night I felt this extreme euphoria as I listened to people talking about the current state of music. There was such a positive energy present where everyone talking felt a deep connection to one another and to music in some way. There was so much praise for today’s music, for the products that we’re constantly subject to. It’s why blogs like this exist, after all.

Theophilus London is amongst those that I truly respect as a modern day musician who embodies the right ideals of quality creation. The music he’s created has truly set a high standard for good music and it’s something that is hard not to appreciate. It’s also a great thing to see a musician who interacts daily with his fans via Twitter, which is something I wish more artists would take advantage of. It says a lot about their character and what they value when it comes to their craft.

The JJ remix of Lighthouse is perfect in every sense. There’s a mellow build up that has me feeling bubbly all the way, and I can’t even begin to explain the release of energy that happens when the beat drops. It’s not an intense drop though, it’s just easy, holding your hand the whole way. Sometimes I listen to myself say things like this and feel like you guys have no idea what I’m talking about, but when you hear the track I think you’ll understand.

I’m including Big Spender as a bonus because that’s one of my favorite tracks off the album. It’s got so much energy and the sample is beautiful and classy. You just want to play it in those big headphones when you’re walking down the street and strut your stuff as you pretend to smack the air with one hand and hold a butt with the other.

Happy weekending!

Theophilus London – Lighthouse (JJ Remix)


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